Disney Vacations

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is the real home of Disney World vacations – not California or Paris – and it is probably one of the most exciting destinations in the world, particularly for children. One of the most cost-effective ways, and one which gives you all the freedom to enjoy the many other splendors of Orlando and Florida, is through vacationing in privately owned Orlando vacation homes. Our luxurious villa has 5-bedrooms, two are masters with en suites and the other three are twins. The villa sleeps 10 plus a baby / toddler (crib, high chair and stroller supplied).

Orlando Vacation Homes

To make your Disney World vacations memorable (for all the right reasons) it is important that these get off to the right start – not all Orlando vacation homes are the same! Our villa, Disney Mouse House, provides a luxurious and excellent base from which to commence your Disney World vacations and a ‘home’ to return to at the end of your day’s endeavors. For your Disney World vacations you will want real value for money –  Although our villa may be not the cheapest you will find, it is also not the most expensive. We believe that in relation to its size, the space it affords, the quality of its furnishings and the sheer luxury it provides, it is truly ‘value for money’. This is borne out by the lovely comments past guests have made to us (see below and our Guest Comments page).

Villas Near Disney For Discerning Visitors

There are cheap villas near Disney to rent – but there is more than likely a good reason for this! As the old adage says, “you pay for what you get”. If it is cheap then you can bet your last dollar that the furnishings will be cheap, it will look and feel like a cheap rental unit and certainly not like a luxury home. Our villa is maintained in tip-top condition – a prerequisite of our management company who also rent out our villa and they market it to travellers looking for luxury villas near Disney.

Look Before You Leap!

We want you to see just how luxurious the villa is so we have provided a 360 degree virtual tour so that you can see the luxury and size of the villa for yourself. More than one guest has commented that the tour and pictures do not do the villa justice!